Anthony September 5, 2019

You could either bring out your dust covers, umbrella bins, clothes-hangers in your balconies and doormats or rather just enjoy and live this monsoon by bringing an natural, earthy romance in your home. Here are a few tips to give your home a make-over this Monsoon.

1. It’s time for the vertical blinds on your windows to go while you replace them with some bright sunny cotton drapes.

2. Bring in all the plants that need to be sheltered from excessive watering. Let the fresh flowers bloom and fill the air with a refreshing aroma of coffee.

3. Remember to use vibrant colors, especially in your living rooms, kitchen and bedrooms. Deep red, yellow, deep purple are colors that shall brighten up your mood.

4. Your sofa covers and bedsheets along with your pillow covers need to be changed for a refreshing look. Use colors like Red, Yellow, Blue or even white.
Follow these four steps and your pale, mundane images of summer will be replaced by a much more vibrant and multi-colored hues of the rainy season.

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